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Flush bottom valve

flush bottom valve


Flush Bottom Valves are special purpose valves used in piping and vessels to drain out any product or slurry left in the pipe or vessel. These valves are most commonly used for dead space free draining or feeding of vessels and pipelines. They are also suitable for various mediums including highly viscous materials but also for vessels where rapid drainage is important. The Control Seal Flush Bottom Valves are available from ½“ up to and including 12” and from 150lbs up to and including 1500lbs.

Flush Bottom Valve is a special purpose valve, which is used in piping, reactors and vessels to drain out abrasive, Slurry, Viscous Material or Semi Solid Media.

This type of valve is available in the size from 15 MM to 150 MM with different material of construction like Cast Iron, Cast Steel, SS 304 / 316 or any special alloy to suit user requirements. The valves seating are Teflon / Neoprene / Viton depending on the process. This type of valve is attached to the vessels on pad type nozzle. The disks in closed position match with the bottom of the vessel or piping leaving no room for hold up or stagnation.

Types of diaphragm valve

Flush bottom valves (referred to as Tank valve, Angle bottom valve, Bottom drain valve, Flush mount valve etc.) are designed to provide drainage and dead space free shutoff for reactors, vessels, autoclaves and storage tanks. The dead space free shutoff is accomplished by placing the valve seat flush with the bottom of the vessel. This eliminates any buildup of product within the vessel nozzle itself. Advantage of Disc type is short stroke for open/close operation. Air cylinder operation is usual for saving

valve Techniquea offers a range of Flush Bottom Ball Valves. Ball Valves have been proven in service application for over 10 years Valve Techniquea mfg. High performance Flush Bottom Ball Valve as per international design to get 100% Client Satisfaction and repeat order with total interchangeability, superior quality, workmanship & service. Generally Flush Bottom Ball Valve body is modified by adding Inlet oversize flanges. As example: 2" x 3" Flush Bottom Ball Valve has the nominal bore of 2" (DN 50), the Inlet flange (Vessel Side) size is 3"(DN 80) and outlet flange size 2. It allows enough space for bolting clearance & insulation at vessel bottom flange.